45A Cooker Unit —Steel


     Number  :  VP312L

      Amper    :  13A+45A  250V~


     Excellent choice of materials to make our products  


     reliable guarantee for the safe ues of a long time.


  • VPON switch core component,has strong anti-arc ability and excellent resistance to abrasion,to ensure Vpon switch over 12 years service life.
  • High-precision phosphor bronze tin has excellent resistance to fatigue deformation,repeated plug to use,despite efforts to maintain standards,and avoid contact with non-tight due to plug poor contact and the heat caused by electrical phenomena,to ensure safe use.


Good Quality Wallswtich and Socket.

                   Make in VPON



Lossless Structure

More Reliable Wiring

Safety Socket Contact

Lossless Structure

1.Structure wear proof,conductive more reliable, no middle stay ,avoid.

2.Electrical arcing, soft touching, longer life.Fatigue resistance of spring make switch life more than 30000 times.

3.Silveralloy contact instant current-breaking control prevent arc effectively.

Safety Socket Contact

1.fully contact area.

2.Less contact resistance and heat

3.Good tin-phosphor bronze,more than 30000 time uses

More Reliable Wiring

1.Suitable different situation for wire connect.

2.High tension of wire connect, less contact resistance and less heat

3.Innovation screwing for Anti-loosening.

13A BS Switch Socket

Double 13A BS Socket

13A BS Switch With Led

Double 13A BS Switch Socket with LED

13A BS Big switch socket

45A Cooker Unit